Patients and families naturally have questions when considering services from Hospice, Serving Davis and Wapello Counties. Here is a list of some of the questions that people frequently ask and the answers as they pertain to our hospice. If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (641) 682-0864.

Am I eligible for services?

There are eligibility guidelines for some diseases. Generally, a patient must have a life-limiting illness with a prognosis of six months or less.

Who pays for Hospice?

Part A of Medicare covers 100% of hospice services. Hospice is also covered by Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and private insurance companies. Your Hospice benefit services will include all medication related to the terminal diagnosis, and for all medical supplies related to the Hospice diagnosis and for needed comfort. Equipment for comfort, like beds and oxygen as well as incontinence supplies, are covered.

Will Hospice conduct an informational visit prior to admission to hospice care?

Yes, Hospice staff will be glad to meet with the patient/family to explain the care and services that we can provide. We will also tell you about other care options that might be available to you and then allow the patient/family the right to choose whichever care or Hospice is right for them.

Can a patient be admitted promptly?

Yes. However, Hospice's goal is not to always admit as fast as we can, but to admit patients when the time is right for the patient and family. We can admit patients within a few hours to a few days − whenever the time is right for you.

Who is on the hospice team?

Hospice care is provided by an interdisciplinary team that includes a physician, registered nurse, hospice aid, social worker, chaplain, bereavement services coordinator, volunteers, and other health care professionals.

In addition to nursing care, what other services are available?

Hospice aides can provide intermittent personal care, support, and light housekeeping. We also offer medical social services, spiritual care, and bereavement services. Additionally, Hospice has volunteers who are able to assist the patient/family with companionship, caregiver respite, errands, lawn care, haircuts, reading, grocery shopping, etc. We also provide complimentary therapies, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, pet therapy, and music therapy, depending on medical need and comfort.

How often do Hospice professionals visit with the patient?

It depends on the needs of the patient. In the home or nursing facility, a minimum of two nurse visits a week will be made with other visits scheduled as needed or requested.

How quick can someone respond to my call?

We have a nurse on call and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year − day, night, weekend, holidays. You can usually reach someone immediately by phone, but if you have to leave a message, the nurse will get back to you within a matter of minutes. If you need a nurse to make a visit, they will be there within 30 minutes.

Where is hospice care provided?

Hospice, Serving Davis and Wapello Counties provides services anywhere the patient calls home. That can be in a private residence; long term care centers − Bloomfield Care Center, Good Samaritan Society, Ridgewood Care Center, and Vista Woods Care Center; and assisted living facilities.

What bereavement services are available?

Bereavement services are offered to Hospice families and the community whenever needed and are always free of charge. As part of the Bereavement Services program, Hospice provides written materials, one-on-one counseling, educational groups, and social activities.

How long has Hospice, Serving Davis and Wapello Counties been in existence?

Our Hospice has been operating as a non-profit organization since being founded in 1982. Hospice offices are located at 927 Pennsylvania Ave. in Ottumwa since 2010.

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