Make a Difference. Make a Donation.

Donations are essential for Hospice to provide services and maintain the Hospice House for area residents.

Ways to support us include:

  • Hospice Auxiliary
  • Remembrance Tree
  • Estate Gifts, Wills, and Bequeaths
  • Memorials
  • Honorariums
  • General Donations

Donations can be sent to:

Hospice, Serving Davis and Wapello Counties
927 Pennsylvania Ave.
Ottumwa, IA 52501

If you have questions, call us at (641) 682-0684 and ask for the Executive Director or the Financial Director. You can also email us at

Hospice Auxiliary

The Hospice Auxiliary provides financial support to Hospice throughout the year. The Auxiliary operates several annual fundraising activities including its Annual Election Day Soup Supper & Treats and Treasures Shoppe each November, a spring bake sale, and a large rummage sale. Proceeds from these events are used to assist in purchasing a wide variety of medical equipment, supplies, and continuing education and training for staff.

Auxiliary membership is open to all, and is only $10 a year. The Auxiliary is always looking for volunteers to help with its fundraisers and other activities.

Remembrance Tree

The Remembrance Tree is an area at Hospice that is dedicated to all whom Hospice has cared for — patients, families, and friends. Established in February of 2006, the Remembrance Tree is located in the front reception area at the Hospice facility at 927 Pennsylvania Ave. in Ottumwa. The Remembrance Fund ensures continued quality care in our community. Leaves are added to the wall near the Remembrance Tree in appreciation of cumulative memorials of $1,000 or more.

The idea of the Remembrance Tree was developed through a collaboration with the family of Harold Thompson, a former Hospice patient. Harold was born in Davis County and graduated from Eldon High School as the Salutatorian in 1940. He later graduated from the Iowa Success School and served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. He moved to Humboldt in 1950 where he worked for the Corn Belt Power Cooperative, retiring in 1978. Harold has many family members who live here in southeast Iowa, and he moved back to this area to be closer to family when he became ill.

Harold's family wanted to give something back to Hospice because of the excellent care that Harold received at Hospice House. Examining the needs of Hospice and to ensure continued quality Hospice care into the future, the Remembrance Tree and Remembrance Fund were established. Harold's leaf was the first leaf to be placed on the tree.

Remembrance Fund Leaves:

Harold L. Thompson
Ron L. Robertson
Joyce Teater
Tena Black
Jack McMartin
Gypsy Delano
Joseph Manro
Howard Jo Giltner
Charles "Eddie" Hancock
Leon E. Vaughn
Thelma Summers
Donald Kirkland
Richard Kenyon, Sr.
Gene Orman
Mary Kent
John Welsh
Sam Reed
Mary Locke
Florence S. Myers
Dolly Sieren
Margaret Bankson
Dr. Arthur Haag
Doris Allman
Kenneth Hart
George Kayser
Dorothy Baty
John Snoddy
James David "J.D" Francis
Joyce Dicks
Thomas Williams
Kermit Sparks
Myra Alice Cudworth
Sylvia J. Blomgren
Don Bartlett
Barbara Gullett
David Skinner
Juanita Leutzinger
Jack Adams
Robert Wilson
James Vandello
Elizabeth "Bette" Bailey
Beverly Watts
Marjorie Morrow
James "Gov" Conrad
James "Mick" Johnson
Ronald Jordan
Bette McElroy
Dolores King
Marie Stiles
Richard Miller
Nancy Staebler
Robert "Bob" Paulos
Ida Kostas
Daniel Johnson
Anthony Thielen
Merrill Turner
Maxine Ryan
Glen Harding
Leslie Robinson
Barbara Skinner
Mary E. Blomme
John Keep
Tom C. Cason
Ruth Carman
Loraine Werts-Hulke
Debora Thordarson
Leland Guiter
Ray Hammersley
Kenneth R. Jones
Connie Snakenburg
Doris Morton
Robert A. Bastron
Linda Hill
Marian Smith
Roger Buckley
Michael Farrier
Fred Sporer
Edith "Ruth" Foreman
Frances Lint
Clyde "CJ" Davis
Billie Trowbridge
Mary Callas
Tracy Symmonds
Patricia Black
Janice Roberts
Harvey Sieren
John Reeves
Harry R. Sterling
Delbert Schertz
Dorothy Engle
Margaret Davis
Glen "Raymond" Townsend
Betty Allen
Kenneth McIntosh
Leland "Sonny" Bain
David Simpson
Kenneth Kirkpatrick
Thelma Hite Johnson
Sidney Poling
Sandra K. Miller
Donald L. Johnson
Sandra Woofter
LouAnn Harness


Ivan Tennyson
Jane Richardson
Francis "Fay" Weber
Helen Kielkopf
Harvey McCleary
William "Bill" Black
James D. Hutton
Theresa Foster
Yolanda Osteen
Ardis Evans
Lucille Lowenberg
Patricia Cudworth
Stephen "Steve" Richardson
Edna White
Beatrice Ryan
Judith "Judy" Legnard
Floyd Dalbey
Helen "Pat" Coria
Gerald Forsythe
Lucile McConnell
James "Jim" Dennison
Shu-Fang Wu
Jim Emry
Mildred Rodgers
Helen "Elsie" Simpson
Helen Adamson
Robert "Dean" Black
Henry Hammer
Sally Steffen
Shirley Eakins
Patty Flinn
Jan Markham
G. Frances Weieneth
Wayne Carr
Leo "Bud" Adamson
Maribeth Deiters
Nancy Gee
Ida "Jane" Robinson
Lois McCormick
Wesley "Pete" Barnhill
William Overturf
Geraldine Hart
Dennis Stewart
James Rysdam
George "Russ" Benson
Wyman Webb
Vadonna Dial
Linda Akers
Betty Adamson
Ralph Woodard
Betty Hallberg
Warren Clark
Myrna Rullman
Ruth Benell
Mary Christine Stevenson
Richard Hallberg
Shirley Wilkerson
Karen Wilt
Kenneth Weller
Wesley "Pete" Barnhill
William Overturf
Geraldine Hart
Dennis Stewart
James Rysdam
George "Russ" Benson
Wyman Webb
Vadonna Dial
Linda Akers
Betty Adamson
Ralph Woodard
Betty Hallberg
Warren Clark
Myrna Rullman
Ruth Benell
Mary Christine Stevenson
Richard Hallberg
Shirley Wilkerson
Karen Wilt
Kenneth Weller
John Shepherd
Max Overturf
Carole Bachman
James Cassat
Samuel Stewart
Jon Neis
June M. Dellinger
Jim L. Dellinger
Rosemary Payne
Beulah Stockham
David Heemsbergen
Edith June Cain
Carol Ann Staggs
Janet Musgrove
Hazel Shively
Michael W. Lemberger
Jerry Gooden
Dennis Pence
Debbie Pence
Gailie Collins
Barney Long
Linda Skinner
Patty Henderson
Sally Bevan

Ellen Vaughn
Jeffrey Callas
George Boitnott
Jack Heinje
Duane Heiserman
Benny Howk
Francine Lawrence
Kenneth Black
Eva Irene Hougland
Craig Warman
Nancy Ewing
Louise Barcus
Timothy L. Dieters
James Paul Hughes
Francis "Pete" Sieren
Larry E. Rourke
Richard Zollars
Jean Zollars
H. Kay Hedge
Marilyn Potter
Cole Anderson
Marilyn Toomey
Frank Dean Hartman
Charles Kendel Thompson
Mary House
Walter Stegemann
Juanita Stookesberry
Dale Collett
James "Jim" Lough
Theresa Marie Houk
Lester Cain
Harold McCullough
Craig Nalley
Maycel Rowland
Glenn Proctor
Dean Dixon
Chuck Swanson
Pat Kutcher
Brenda Henderson
Donna Hargis
Keith Sasseen
Robert Carnahan
John David Hawley
Michael Rucinski
Charmian Rucinski
James "Jim" Mefford
Charlene Waybill
Jo'an Hennen
Billy Young
Timothy Buffington
Robert Heckart, Jr.
Charles Farrell
Janice Pickrell
John Hennen
Sandra Courtney
Frederick "Fred" Hutton
Rosemary Beamer
John "Jack" Rusch
Lloyd Dean Johnston
Darlene Peta
ImaGene Dieckmann
Larry Dunn
Richard "Rick" Haines
Barbara "Barb" Heckart
Sharon Kay Marlow
Roberta M. Sigman
Robert E. "Bob" Prose
Frances Hervey
Kenneth Batterson
Sandra Sue Burton
Betty Klodt
Gary Naumann
Jerry Taylor
Vicki Shively
Jerry Ruby, Jr.
Cora Benjamin
Sam Rodgers, Jr.
Joan Simpson
John Dennis
James "Jim" H. Huddleston, Jr.
Sheila Rae Early
Eleanor Uehling
William "Bill" Briggs
Barbara Swanson
Hazel Ruby
Lois Huddleston
Vivian Newquist
Donald Cox
Betty Louisa Conlin
Donald Pierson
Christine Snyder
Jean Proctor
Jack Kirk
Ed Wilkerson
Oscar Axthelm
Bonnie R. Huddleston
James "Jim" L. Vogt
Lynne Blackwell
Shaaron Golden
Sylvia Janet Everman
Madelene Schertz
Dorothy Magrane
Kevin Spurgeon

Estate Gifts, Wills, and Bequeaths

A planned gift is a contribution that is arranged during the giver’s lifetime, but may not be received in its entirety by Hospice until after the donor’s death. A planned gift is often made through a will, but can also be made in other ways such as through a life insurance policy or a trust.

Including Hospice in your estate plans makes a statement about what matters in your life and helps ensure that your wishes are carried out. Here’s a list of some of the most popular ways you can build a lasting legacy with your planned gift: When you name Hospice in your will or other estate planning document — a bequest — you have the potential tax benefit and the opportunity to make a sizeable gift to carry on the work of Hospice. A bequest is one of the easiest ways to make a planned charitable gift. Because a will is an important legal document, we strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney to ensure that your wishes are properly documented. You may also want to consider naming Hospice as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or a life insurance policy. It is a simple and easy way to leave a legacy gift. In the beneficiary section, list “Hospice, Serving Davis and Wapello Counties” as a beneficiary for all or a portion (percentage) of your account — it’s up to you.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are donated in memory of a loved one. Families often specify "Memorials to Hospice in lieu of flowers." Hospice also receives memorial gifts for loved ones who were never in our program. Memorial gifts are acknowledged with a letter to the family member(s) who designated Hospice for the memorial. A list of donors is sent to the family approximately six weeks following the death of a loved one.


You can help support Hospice programs and patient care at the same time you express your appreciation or love and respect for a living family member, friend, co-worker, or another special person. Such a contribution is a thoughtful way to remember someone’s birthday, anniversary, or special occasion. At your request, the person honored by your contribution will receive a letter acknowledging your gift to Hospice.

General Donations

Your gift — of any size — is important to our mission. When you give to Hospice, your tax-deductible gift helps to improve the quality of hospice care for those in our community experiencing a life-limiting illness and continue to provide quality, compassionate care regardless of an individual's ability to pay.