Make a Difference. Volunteer!

You can make a difference in the lives of people who are facing end-of-life illnesses and their families and friends. Many people enjoy volunteering at Hospice. There are many ways to volunteer at Hospice.

You can volunteer to:

  • Visit patients
  • Read to patients
  • Sing to patients
  • Run errands for patients and their families
  • Help in meal preparation
  • Do light cleaning and vacuuming for patients
  • Do maintenance work at the Hospice facility
  • Decorate for different seasons
  • Shred, file, and do other office-type duties
  • Help with mailings
  • Water and take care of the plants at Hospice offices, both inside and outside


  • No experience is required to become a volunteer, just an interest in helping others.
  • Those interested must first complete free Hospice volunteer training.
  • Following completion of training, the volunteer will meet with the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss their areas of interest and expertise.

Throughout the year, Hospice holds several dinners for volunteers and staff. These fun events are a great way for volunteers to get to know each other and to interact with staff members. Hospice also schedules monthly In-Service meetings on a wide variety of interesting topics that are also open to volunteers.



"I have a plaque on my wall that I read every day. It says, 'I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.' This reminds me of all of you."

Thanks to our Many Volunteers

Due to the pandemic, Hospice hasn't been able to host the annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner this year. However, Hospice wants our valued volunteers to know the staff really misses seeing them and is looking forward to when volunteer efforts can resume.

Hospice volunteers make a difference! Hospice staff miss the smiling faces of volunteers as they work around the building.

Volunteers are a vital part of the Hospice Care Team. They reflect the faces of caring that is in our community. By sharing their time, energy, and talents, volunteers positively impact the lives of those in need. Thank you!


Carlson named  2021 "Hospice Volunteer of the Year"

Eric Carlson, RPh, at Southside Drug, has been selected as the “Volunteer of the Year” at Hospice, Serving Davis and Wapello Counties. He has been attending weekly Interdisciplinary Team meetings as a volunteer pharmacist for close to 20 years, and has served on the Hospice Board of Directors since 2008.

“Eric is available 24 hours a day to assist us in filling prescriptions for patients and for being a constant source of medical information for any pharmacy issues that may come up with our patients,” Angie Rozenboom, Hospice Executive Director, said. “We are fortunate to have someone like Eric in our community, who is so dedicated to helping our patients to be as comfortable as possible during their final days.”

"I have known and admired a lot of the previous volunteers of the year, and I feel honored to now be a part of this group,” Carlson said.

“Hospice, Serving Davis and Wapello Counties, is very underrated in the role it serves in our community,” he said. “Until you walk down the path of a terminally ill patient or of one of their family members, you won’t truly appreciate the compassionate care and services of this organization.”

Carlson was honored virtually at the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of Iowa Fall Conference.